Get Better Naturally and Safely

Free 30 Min Call Specialist Natural Health Advice

To resolve your Health Concerns

A free consultation to immediately get help with your symptoms.

Simply choose a day and time, book a call and speak with Tommaso Perego Naturopath.

At the end of the call, you can decide if to book a therapeutic session or not.

Here is how we can help:

Tommaso Perego is a Naturopath specialised in health recovery using diet and herbal medicines.

He treats digestive issues in adults and children, nervous system difficulties with stress and anxiety, hormonal imbalances, period pain, recovery from viral infections, chest infections, skin problems, eye infections, heart/cardiovascular post-surgery recovery, prevention plans, menopausal disturbances, weight gain, tiredness and chronic fatigue.

After the free consultation call, you can choose to join a program of therapy for a month or more, to get the results you need. The price varies according to the cases and their duration, it starts from £189 £149 for children for a month all inclusive (see below) and from £397 £297 for adults for a month all inclusive.

All packages include:

  • Initial Consultation (£250 value)
  • Research and Diagnostics (£300 value)
  • Dietary Plan (£200 value)
  • Herbal remedies package, shipment to your address all included (£150 value)
  • Follow up consultation (£150 value)
  • 3 Weekly Calls of 15 minutes (£150 value)
  • 1 month Unlimited chat and comments via the Clinical App (£150 value)

We are based in London c/o Charterhouse Clinic Rooms in Marylebone and in Bloomsbury.

Depending on individual needs and circumstances we also provide visits at home and further help (with groceries plan, meal preparations, herbal medicines preparations and administration).

How The Call Will Help You

The call will give you access quickly and for free to specialist health advice, so you do not have to wait any longer for a professional help

You will be able to discuss in-depth your concerns so you will have enough time to feel supported and professionally cared for, at no charge.

You will understand better what is happening in your body so to learn the steps you need to do to fix it.

You will learn how to get further help and be professionally guided in the recovery process.

To Get Help,

Go ahead and speak with Tommaso today

When dealing with health issues it is easy to get overwhelmed. It is already hard to find the right therapy, even more when on your own and in discomfort.

A specialist advice, free of charge consultation, easy accessible online is what you need. You will learn the best way to resolve your health concerns, without having to spend so much time reading the science and the therapies available.

Everything you need to know about your issues can be explained in the call, and then you can decide whether to purchase a course of therapy from us or not.

How Does the Call Work?


Set a Day and Time and Book from the schedule on this page


Wait for your call at the specified time or, if you choose a Zoom call, join at the link you will be sent


In the call, Tommaso wiill ask you questions about your health concerns with the purpose to learn more about your condition, your medical history, and current medications


Tommaso will give you an overview of the problems and clear indications how to go about it for resolve them


At this point, if you would like to be assisted further, you can ask about our services or just leave the call

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