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Here is a brief outline of how our program compares to Conventional Therapy


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Why we are different

The Herbal Natural Therapy Program comes as a response to what is available today. We would like you to know why and how we are different.

Our key points of strength are the following:

- We give a Free entry point, for everyone to be at least assessed once before entering the program. This will reduce the risks of investing money into uncertianty because you will be able to know exactly how the therapy works before committing to it, after a useful insightful conversation with Tommaso and assessment.

- We provide a comprehensive support throughout the course of the therapy, so we won't leave you alone with doubts and concerns at any point of the program. We also reduce in doing so the waiting times as much as possible, so you feel supported to achieve together the best results.

- We know the effectiveness of our program, so we can with good certainty average that a 3 months approach will give results in most of the patients.. So you also know how long this will be for you, and what type of commitment will be required to work towards getting your health back.


Welcome to this page.

Hopefully it will help you see the value and the difference of our program compared to what is offered by conventional therapies.