About Natural Therapy

What is Natural Therapy and why is it important for Recovery and Prevention?


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Nature Cures

At the foundation of Natural Therapy there is the concept that the body always works towards healing itself and defending life at all costs.

This also implies the body, let's say Nature in the shape of a body, knows best how to do so.

The work of the therapist is then that to understand what are the processes of health and disease that are occurring in the body, and act to help the body respectively to support them or reverse them.

The best "operating table" is that of Mother Nature, said once Arnold Ehret.

The Bodily Fluid and CFS

In our research and studies on CFS, a central role is kept by the fluids of the body. They are also called the intracellular and extracellular fluids, liquids that surround every tissue, organ, and structure of our body.

The mass of fluids is really at the crossing of every life processes in ourselves, as it protects, buffers inflammation, allows nourishment, deals with temperature changes, impacts, traumas, and organises the cleansing and from toxins and the distribuion of immune defenses.

It operates as a Matrix, a Web of complicated interactions that promote the key processes of life at any time of the day and night.

Diet and The Fluids

We learned that the fluids of the body are deeply affected by the diet, as food after ingestion must be liquified for being used, and thus merges and establishes the quality of the fluids of our body.

Foods must contain enzymes, electrolytes, and nutrients at the best quality to support life. The light and water content of the foods are key to a healthy body.

Herbal Medicines

Herbal Medicines can be thought of foods. They act like foods in our body, with the addition of medicinal agents, which make their action much stronger than foods, although safe. A few exceptions exist, where herbs can be toxic, however in that form they can be used suffessfully for therapeutic purposes because of the response they cause in the body, in the hands of an experienced herbalist.

Beyond that, in most of the cases, herbs are a safe and powerful tool to help fluids change their quality: they can change the temperature of the fluids, their chemical quality, their nutrient content, their speed, and by reflective action, influence the tissues and the organs.

Using herbal medicines is thus a gentle and deep action on the body fluids, to nudge the body to improve its natural functions.


We belive that a successful CFS Therapy should help the body recover, and should not replace its function with artificial chemical actions.

This page explains these principles so you can make an informed decision.