Frequently Asked Questions

The Free Consultation Call offered by TP Naturopath is a Free Service for Assessing Your Body Remotely and Learn How To Get Help with your symptoms


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1. What will the call do for me?

Your Assessment call will help you to:

- Get finally a sense of why things are happening in your body

- Understand that symptoms are solvable naturally, when engaging with the right processes

- Learn what are the steps you need to do to solve each health issue

- Be assured that the work you are doing is making you stronger for the long-term and strong now

2. How the call will be structured?

The call will help you in this way exactly by:

- Checking the signs and observations occurring in your body

- Matching with your medical history and your journey

- Indicating the imbalances that should be fixed first

- Offering you ideas on how to on your own or with our therapy programs, should you wish to know about.

3. How to prepare for the call?

As soon as you book the call you will receive a link to perform our questionnaire test online.

Then you should just gather your medical history, your current medications and just make sure to have provided the correct details.

In case of a zoom call choice, make sure you check your emails for the link to join the meeting, and be on time at the appointment.

4. I have done the call and I am still deciding about joining. Can I already use the Clinic App to log my food and mood journals entries?

Yes of course. As part of the free call service we offer, we like to encourage prospective clients to get to know they way we work as much as possible. It is important you make an informed decision, so you can commit to the program 100%.

After the call, indeed you will be provided a link to join our Clinic App, that you can use from the desktop or on your phone and start logging your foods, check the nutrients intake, the water intake, and you can record your mood and sleep logs, to keep track of your progress.

Every day you will receive one comment to improve your diet, to benefit the recovery.

5. What type of diet will the program use?

During the program we will first analyse the diet you are currently on, for at least a week with the help of your journal entries. We will then assess it and propose a plan to move the diet towards patterns more suitable to achieve improvements of your symptoms.

We are not exclusively oriented to any type of diet per se, but we look at each diet's mechanical properties, the speed of absorption and elimination of foods, the quality of its nutrients, and the timing of ingestion. These are all aspects that affect very much a person's successful recovery.

6. How do you use Herbal Medicines?

As part of our therapeutic program, we use Herbal Medicines to provide support to the dietary plan and strategies for recovery.

Herbs can speed up recovery, relieve from pain, support the actions that we want the body to perform, making the recovery steadier and simpler.

Herbs come in different forms, tincture extracts, glycerites, powders, dry herbs for teas, creams, oils, and aromatic waters to name the most commons.

Every herb in the formula will be checked against your medications to prevent interactions and provide the safest possible scenario for each case.

7. Why the call is free?

It is important for us to give a precise chance to people to get to know what we do and to learn the solutions we propose for their health concerns.

We believe this is also the best way to interact with prospective clients, knowing each other well before committing to any work together.

30 mins is a good time to learn that, and it should be considered an investment of both parts to a successfull collaboration.

8. How expensive is the program?

The price of the program starts fro £397 ($497 for US Customers) for a period of 1 month of therapy, full inclusive of 2 Consultations, Diagnosis, Research, Dietary Plan, Herbal Package to last for 4 weeks, Shipment costs, and Weekly Phone Support, and Messaging. However, the exact price can only be established during the call, as the costs depend on the complexity of the presented issues and on the required length of the therapy.

8. What if I do not live close to London UK?

The assessment call could be over the phone for people resident in the UK or over Zoom, which makes it easier for people living in other countries such as the US.

Once the assessment meeting is concluded, if you want to join the program, we can work remotely all the way through. at the same level and quality of service as if in-person, but with some minor logistic differences.

It will be our task to make it as smooth and efficient as possible for you.

Furthermore we have suppliers in USA, UK, and Europe that can provide the fast shipment of the herbal prescriptions batches, or we can ship directly from the UK.


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